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Streets in Poland unaffected by other culture

Take-off Dynamism@Haneda

Warm afternoon at Lake Kasumigaura

Wishing a peaceful spring

Seasonal gifts now everywhere 10.04.2017

Night view of Chidorigafuchi

End of winter at last @ HANEDA

Sign of spring-Ume blossom

A landing at night view of HND -Welcome to Tokyo

One winter day at HND, 2017

Snow-capped Mt. Fuji in winter~Incredible view

Awesome view of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo

Mt. Fuji overlooks Tokyo

Awesome view of Mt. Fuji in summer

One day in Dallas, Texas

Amazing! Most beautiful Mt. Fuji

Amazing!  Brocken spectre

Amazing! Aurola in Canada

2016 Sakura in Tokyo

One winter day

Beginning of a new year at Haneda

Autumn afternoon at Haneda

End of summer at a temple 

Tokyo Tower and Sakura

Skytree and Sakura



Take-off & Landing at Haneda

Diversity in Tokyo life

Niagara Falls -Part2

Tokyo Tower under the Blood Moon

Chasing Aurora (Canada)

Nightviews- (Japan)

Niagara Falls -Part 1

Dallas,Texas (USA)

Autumn Trees in Japan



Antaluya, Turkey

Teotihuacan, Mexico